Camp SEN happens every year at Musikfest!

The whole Service Electric Network crew camps out for 10 days to bring the best coverage of Musikfest right into your home. Join us at camp from the comfort of your own living room. Don't be afraid to build a blanket or pillow fort, cook up some s'mores and watch along! If you do, make sure to post your picture online and tag us @SENetworkTV with the hashtag #CampSEN so we can share it!

Meet The Campers

Meet Kristi


Counselor Kristi is the go-to camper for the best candy stash! When she's not on-air introducing bands, she's organizing the camp soccer games. She prefers Wells Fargo Fest Platz as her favorite campsite, so if you see her, you might be able to snag your Merit Badge sticker!

  • Favorite Camp Snack: Swedish Fish and Island Noodles
  • Camp Pet-peeve: Spoiling Stranger Things season 4, she hasn't finished yet!!!
Meet Dan


Whether on-air or off-air, Counselor Dan can always be found scouring the campgrounds for possible dinosaur fossils. Dan controls the camp computer systems, so when there is an item on the glitch list, he starts chewing on a new pretzel log and lets all the campers know to "Hold onto your mugs!" He prefers to fill his mug at T-Mobile Plaza Tropical, so if you see him, you might be able to get your Merit Badge sticker!

  • Favorite Campfire story: Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan
  • Preferred Mug refill: Coke Zero
Meet Gwen


You can't have camp without beach volleyball, and while Camp SEN at Musikfest doesn't have a court yet, Counselor Gwen is working to make it happen! In her plans, she'd also like to open up her own version of the Hotel B, but for cats only. Gwen loves the Hotel Bethlehem Platz, so you might be able to get your Merit Badge sticker from her.

  • Favorite Camp Activity: Jonas Brothers Karaoke
Meet Cassie


Counselor Cassie dreams that one day she'll be able to open up her own stand at Martin Guitar Handwerkplatz selling essential oils and running sneakers. Until then she splits her time at Camp SEN between strolling down Provident Bank Main Street (where you might be able to snag that Merit Badge sticker) and introducing bands on-air!

  • Favorite Campfire song: Anything Country! (Especially Kip Moore and Kelsea Ballerini)
Meet Degs


Counselor Steve "Degs" Degler splits his time between two camps, baseball at Ironpigs Stadium and Camp SEN at Musikfest! Just because he's not at Ironpigs doesn't mean he'll stop complaining about the dumb new baseball rules! Degs loves the acoustic music on the Martin Guitar Stage at Yuengling Lagerplatz (and Yuengling Lager) so you might be able to snag the elusive hologram chase Merit Badge sticker if you see him.

  • Favorite Camp Snack: Aw Shucks! Roasted Corn
Meet Doug


Always espousing the virtues of his vegan lifestyle, you can find Counselor Doug enjoying all the vegan options that Musikfest vendors have to offer. Doug is always the first to start the campfire, as he has a mountain of pallets at his disposal. He always takes time to go down to the Southside to enjoy his favorite campsite, Air Products America Platz, so you might be able to snag that Merit Badge Sticker if you find him.

  • Favorite Camp Activity: End of Camp Fireworks on Sunday night.
Meet Courtney


With the softball season over (but is the softball season ever REALLY over?) Counselor Courtney always enjoys when it's time for Camp SEN at Musikfest. You can find Courtney lugging her camping gear all around the campground with her trusty wagon right behind her. She loves to snack at Heaven on a Bun at the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, so if you find her, you might be able to snag that Merit Badge sticker.

  • Favorite Campfire Song: Long December by Counting Crows
Meet Mike


A legend, not only in the Camp SEN world but in the Musikfest world as well! Counselor Mike is our longest-tenured camper, and nobody knows more about Camp SEN than he does! You can always find Mike at the SEN Truck, where, if you're lucky, you can snag a super limited chase Prism Merit Badge sticker.

  • Favorite Camp snack: Taco from Take-A-Taco

Daily Broadcast Schedule

The Service Electric Network's Musikfest 2022 Camp SEN Television Schedule!

Camp SEN Autograph Schedule

All signings will be at the Service Electric tent on the North Side (across from Camp SEN's Fort Festplatz). * Schedule subject to change.

Sat 8/6 Cassie Schmidt / Dan Fremuth 4:30-5:30pm
Sun 8/7 Mike Mittman / Kristi Fulkerson 4:30-5:30pm
Mon 8/8 Steve Degler / Gwen Begley 7-8pm
Tues 8/9 Mike Mittman / Courtney DuPont 5-6pm
Wed 8/10 Doug Heater / Kristi Fulkerson 5-6pm
Thurs 8/11 Dan Fremuth / Gwen Begley 6-7pm
Fri 8/12 Kristi Fulkerson / Cassie Schmidt 7:30-8:30pm
Sat 8/13 Steve Degler / Courtney DuPont 4-5pm
Sun 8/14 Mike Mittman / Cassie Schmidt 4-5pm

Earn Merit Badges

Earn Merit Badges

There are a total of 8 Camp SEN Musikfest Merit Badge Stickers (6 regular Merit Badge stickers, and 2 limited edition Merit Badge stickers) to collect, starting Friday, August 5th, 2022. If you collect all 6 regular Merit Badge stickers and present them to the Service Electric tent between Friday, August 12th through Sunday, August 14th you can win Camp SEN prizes. Prizes include Camp SEN canteens (32 oz. Nalgene Water Bottles), retro Camp SEN cabin keychains, Camp SEN fanny packs, Camp SEN counselor t-shirts, Camp Sen camper hats, and Camp SEN enamel pins.

Get Merch

How to find Merit Badges

There are 6 regular Merit Badge stickers:

You can read the camper's bios to learn the easiest way to obtain your Merit Badges or ask anyone wearing a Camp SEN counselor t-shirt which Merit Badge stickers they might have! If they don't have any, don't worry, you'll have plenty of chances to get them.

There are 2 VERY limited edition CHASE Merit Badge Stickers

If you find these, consider that the prize in itself! You can still collect the other 6 to try and get other great prizes!

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